Formed May 1997, No Connection are Graham Young (lead vocals/guitar), Simon Whenlock (bass/backing vocals( and Jon Hill (drums/backing vocals).

These three experienced twenty-something’s had the idea of creating a cover free classic rock power trio to combine their wide range of influences e.g. Aerosmith, U2, AC/DC, George Michael, Van Halen, Public Enemy, Queen, The Cult and Deep Purple to write strong hooky 3-4 minute songs with a social conscience. Soon they had written two albums of quality material and were gigging all over their local area.

The Reading, England based band soon discovered the power of the Internet by creating their own website and making their music available to be heard and purchased at MP3.com.

This soon reaped its own rewards when Pearson Television contacted the band requesting to use the song ‘Victory Girl’ in an episode of the Emmy-Nominated Sci-Fi series ‘First Wave’. The song appeared on the ‘teaser’ for the episode ‘Ohio Players’ (Series two).

Next to pick up on the band were Los Angeles based Internet radio station ArtistLaunch.com, who continue to feature the band. In response to this, their listeners elevated them to the number 1 position in their Top 50 Favourite Artists Chart (April 7, 2000). They held the position for over a month. These developments led to the band being invited to play in Hollywood, L.A. January 2001.

No Connection then achieved two number 1 positions on the MP3.com Classic Rock chart, with the songs ‘Love For Free’ and ‘Ain’t Foolin’’ and have been the featured artist of the day.

The band have recorded three albums since their formation:
‘Justified’ (released Jan 1, 2000 on MP3.com)
‘Deal With It’ (Spring 2001)
‘Love To Hate To Love’ (February 2004)
The first two albums were recorded at the Outhouse Studios, Reading, UK and co-produced by the band and John Mitchell (Arena, The Urbane, John Wetton Band).

The bands music has also received radio play on stations across the United States.
The group played a 6-date USA tour in October 2002. Two dates in New Jersey, one in Philadelphia and three in New York, including a Saturday night at the world famous C.B.G.B.’s club.

The show received enormous response and the fans came in large numbers. The band was given extra care and security during their performance, and for health protection during their stay in the US they were provided with insurance ,  also chauffeur driven cars to travel in comfort.

Music as a peace maker

The love for music is very old and increased as well with the passage of time, with the introduction of many new musical forms. Since from the beginning, music is embedded in all the human cultures. It became the part of cultures and norms along with being a very special part of many religions as well. Different religions relate music with the worship of God and praise Him in musical forms. In Christianity, music is very much like basic pillars of the religion and the praising ceremonies are nothing without music.
Music is a combination of different sounds at multiple frequencies and pitch. The sound can be instrumental and vocal as well. It is always used to calm down the mind and give peace and food to the soul as well. There are various types of music but some of them are well known and considered as basic types.
Blues, country, classical, rap, jazz, rock and metal music are some of the well known types of music. Every generation has its own preference and taste. But these types are loved by almost every generation. Classic rock music is loved by mostly youngsters and was developed lately in during 1960’s and 1980’s. Hard rock and blues rock become the most favorite type of classic rock music.
Every type of music has its own history and definition. Besides the categorization of musical forms it is a beautiful way to use sound as a medium to provide calm and peace to the human minds and soul and keep them relaxed. Whichever the form is, people enjoy listening and composing it. It is a craze for the composer and singer and as well as for the listeners, no matter from which age group they are related. Purpose is same whichever form is listened.


Classic rock is the kind of music that includes songs and albums of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. It also refers to radio stations that play music all the time. For example in the US there are many such radio stations that are built only to play all this music from the past time. This is because people still enjoy classic rock music today. There are different forms of classic rock music. One of the forms that are most famous even today is known as album-oriented rock or AOR. These album oriented rock music stations used to play all kinds of music including the new tracks as well as the old tracks.
Particularly in the 1980s, a lot of music from the past and old bands was played. People at that time liked to listen to old slow songs. But as we move towards mid 1980s we see that the trend is changing. People no longer liked to listen to old music; in fact they were more inclined to fresh and new songs. So these radio stations stopped playing older songs. They started playing classic rock specially. With time these music stations started calling them classic rock stations as they were solely dedicated to playing classic rock. “The rolling stones” and solo singer Jimi Hendrix also became quite famous at that time.
Then with the changing trends, in the 1980s the classic rock stations started including hard rock and metal band songs to their playlists. These include tracks by Metallica and Guns and Roses. Classic rock chart is famous in young people even today. There are people who have listened to “The Beatles” in their time and are around 50 now. They love listening to classic rock even today.
So this was some information about classic rock music.